Quality HardWood Display Cases

Build-to-order custom, high-quality, hardwood shelves for displaying
Lego Minifigures, trains, models, and/or anything else you'd like beautifully displayed.
Each shelf is made in my personal workshop in Indiana and  handcrafted
using the finest solid oak, poplar, or birch.  No plastic or cheap materials, EVER.

Each unit is finished to each customer's needs (natural, painted, stained, etc...)
and shelves can be spaced, sized, or completely removed upon request or needs.
Lighted versions use LED light strips embedded into the shelves that put off
almost no heat and consume less than 4 watts of electricity. 
Lights can be any color, including "warm white" or "cool white".
Larger units usually take about 3-4 weeks to complete, depending on options.
Smaller units take a little less, depending on how backed up I am.

The Lego version of the shelves are embedded with permanent
Lego-colored plates so that the minifigures will stay in place.

AllAll cases are made to hang using reinforced flush-mount
hangers on the back or can be made with a stand.

Yes, I can ship them to you, but unfortunately, it isn't cheap.  

Contact me with your city and zip and I can give you an idea of the shipping rates.
And no, I no longer ship outside the USA.  It just got too expensive.  Sorry. 


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